Why just stream your station...
When you can USE YOUR STREAM to greatly expand your Christian radio stationís outreach, generate higher ratings and enhance your income?

While other companies can stream your station, thatís where they stop.

NWR Network provides FAR more than just a simple little stream on the internet...

  1. We save you money by offering a rock solid, higher quality stream for LESS than anything else out there.
  2. We help you build your ratings by showing how to use your stream and your website to bring in new listeners.
  3. Free monthly coaching and consulting tips to build your station. We provide free subscription to Christian Radio Edge. Valuable information, tips and articles compiled by radio pros. To help you be the best Christian radio station in your market. (An $85 value. More info below.)
  4. A free half hour consultation session to rev up your websiteto gain thousands of new listeners- Just for contacting us! (a $150 value)
Contact us now to get all this and a higher quality stream. At less than $100 a month, itís less than what others charge you for a lower quality stream.

Who are we and why do we do so much more for radio stations? Simple.

We are radio people ourselves. NWR Network is a team of about 5 or 6 radio pros with over a century of combined experience in radio. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we still work with hundreds of radio stations. Weíve also worked with some of the largest ministries in the world. We know radio. Weíve built the most rock-solid, affordable streaming system in the industry. Thatís why so many radio stations are coming on board each month. Contact us now for more information.

Just for contacting us, weíll give you a free subscription to Christian Radio Edge:

20 Coaching and Consulting Tips to overhaul your station in 30 days. (an $85 value!) Topics include: †

  • 7 steps to becoming a better announcer in 7 days
  • 7 Biggest Website Mistake made by Christian Radio Stations
  • The magic of having 3 home pages
  • 6 most common production and editing mistakes
  • The 3 Best mp3 flash recorders
  • How to add more announcer voices without paying a dime
  • How to optimize your website to catch new listeners
  • And many more tips. New consulting pointers every month!
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